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How to choose a tuner

Choosing a tuner and performance parts suppliers are important decisions, unless the car is a true project car. There are a few questions you may want to consider before choosing. Who are you dealing with? What is their post/social history? What is their bad reputation? Can you deal with their […]


Solo Motorsports

I came across Solo Motorsports from a recommendation on the TunedMercedes and other tuner fb groups when looking for who has TCU tunes and was pointed at the usual suspects, plus Solo Motorsports. I started looking into them and they offer very competitive pricing and compelling products.  I have not […]


Meet your Transmission Tuner: Southern Hotrod

Southern Hotrod LLC offers upgrades to various factory transmissions for reasonable prices with transparent processes.  For about $4600-4800 in 3-5 days after receiving your 722.9 transmission, they will rebuild it into a “war viking” using upgraded components. They note perhaps obviously that the transmission must be calibrated to the car. […]


Meet your Tuner: Eurocharged

If I had to pick one tuner with the best reputation on the internet  it would be EuroCharged.  Everyone has nice things to say about being tuned by Jerry.  They are super easy to work with, and apparently over 60,000 cars have been worked on by them, check out their […]


Meet Your Mercedes Tuner: Weistec Engineering

Weistec Engineering is a California based high-end automotive tuner.  I have heard they got their start from racing Mustangs.  They are rooted in pragmatic performance, that is very high-end.  Their products are finished well, look great, and are expensive compared to VRP Speed, and in line with prices from GAD, […]


Meet Your Mercedes Tuner: RennTech

For the first of our Meet Your Mercedes Tuner series, I decided to go with RennTech.  I’d like to do a write-up and maybe interview these tuners in the future.  RennTech if you’d like to send me any information to correct anything, or do a quick zoom interview.  I’d love […]