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We offer our own calibrations for HPTuners for Mercedes, VAG, Ford, GM, and Mopar.  We offer advanced chip tuning in partnership with Morendi based in Dubai enabling us to offer advanced tunes for the latest cars and exotics.  

M177 M178

The Mercedes-AMG M177 is one of the finest engines currently available.  Variants are featured in the some Aston Martin and McLaren models.  The M177 can handle approximately 30 PSI before needing upgrades. Contact us to discuss your build. 

M157 M278

The M157 and M278 have been featured in the CLS, E, GLE, GL, GLS, G wagon and S-Class.  These engines are highly compatible with each other which makes the M278 a good performance value.  However the M157 is easier to reach higher horsepower with.  A stage 1 M278 will make more than 540hp and 690 pound feet of torque.  A stage 1 M157 can make more than 690hp and 730 pound feet of torque.  

CLS E Class 218 212 213

The CLS and E Class offer executive performance.  The fastest one currently I believe is Jesse Langston who ran sub 9.95 running blackboost intakes and EC Slav Tune. Our tunes feature top speeds over 200 MPH for the CLS 550 and CLS 63 when used for off road racing purposes. 

C GLC Class 205 253

The GLC and C 205 class feature a light weight and sporting focus. The C class coupes and convertible are built in Germany and are heavily reinforced.  The fastest two C 205 I know of are GAD e class driveline swap coupe at approx 9.5s quarter mile and one a RaceIQ car that has a solid rear axel that runs approximately 9.58s.  Both put down close to 990 whp.