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Meet Your Mercedes Tuner: RennTech

For the first of our Meet Your Mercedes Tuner series, I decided to go with RennTech.  I'd like to do a write-up and maybe interview these tuners in the future.  RennTech if you'd like to send me any information to correct anything, or do a quick zoom interview.  I'd love too.  Ok let's get on to the review which will hopefully be more correct than incorrect!

RennTech can be thought of as AMG of the USA, before the Mercedes-AMG merger.

While likely not correct in any way shape or form.  RennTech was founded in 1989 by Hartmut Feyhl.  Mr. Feyhl worked at AMG for between 12-14 years and worked on the iconic HAMMER.

After the Mercedes-AMG merger, the details of the relationship are not exactly clear.  But you can buy RennTech products and even tunes at many Mercedes-Benz locations.  It is unknown if these tunes would be warranted by Mercedes-Benz.  However, it does make sense, that Mercedes-AMG might want to keep a relationship with a tuner in a more deregulated environment, who is also able to work on other cars and provide insight back to the Mercedes-Benz corporate mothership.

RennTech is located in Florida near Orlando, perhaps even in Orlando proper.  They have a very complete shop with world class engineering, fabrication, computer modeling, dyno, and perhaps aero.

RennTech offers complete cars, custom tuning, and plug-in modules, products, and bench tuning.  In this way they differ from GAD who as far as I know do not offer their products in individual such retail type package.

RennTech is a premier tuner and recognized world wide.  They would be considered a market leader with prices to match.  In this way, they are similar to GAD, Weistec.

As for more pure speculation: Brabus and AMG have I believe closer relationships, and are able to switch pieces such as drivetrains, and very advanced engineering, or even build on their own Mercedes manufacturing line as AMG does.

RennTech likely has information from Mercedes, and can work with the engineers in a way that only AMG and Brabus might be able to exceed.   Because of this close, but not too close relationship. Combined with Mr. Feyhl unique experience at AMG pre-acquisition, his location in Florida highlights the world class nature of RennTech Tuning.

As for forum feedback, every person I've seen who has had any issues, at all, have been worked out with exceptional customer service.  Making RennTech a smart, high-end choice for Mercedes-Benz  and Mercedes-AMG tuning.


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