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Month: September 2020

Road Trips

Road Trip DC to NYC

I went to visit my wonderful Nana leaving from NW DC area.  Shockingly i95, i895 were both closed at baltimore.  So we set off again the next day. I went on this trip originally untuned.  Thinking I would just put the car in cruise and chill.  Wow, I was wrong. […]

Cooling, Performance

Force Intercooler Pump to Always Run

While there are conflicting reports about the logic of the intercooler pump.  With mine it didn’t run all the time (you can hear it before she comes up to speed), and with this mod it did.  With this mod you get lower IATs.  Check out here: https://mbworld.org/forums/w212-amg/785054-reduced-iat-s-pump-rewiring.html I’ve heard a […]

DIY, Maintenance

Change Mercedes Wiper Blades

Changing wiper blades, has been best described as something to do often.  Once a year or so.  This cuts down on chatter and improves their efficacy.  Consumer Reports found changing your wiper blades more often is more important than buying the best wiper blades “once”. This soft rubber is often […]