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How to 3D Print Air Intakes

I have been 3d printing air intakes for our m157 and m278 air intakes and I wanted to share some of the tips I’ve learned and really that others shared with me. Bed Adhesion is absolutely critical to good prints. There are two parts to bed adhesion — the first […]

DIY, Stereo

Upgrade Mercedes Tweeters in CLS

Previously, I purchased a set of speakers to fit into the front.  I was only able to ft the woofers at the time but it made a huge difference.  The dynaudio tweeters and mid did not fit.  The screen I previously upgraded but haven’t yet done a video on. Later […]


3D Printing For Car Enthusiasts

3D printing is a skill right now.  And it may perhaps always remain that way as we push the boundaries of filaments and techniques.  Many of todays prints can be categorized into useful items and trinkets/aesthetic items.  In the field of printing for your car most of the items fit […]

DIY, Maintenance

Change Mercedes Wiper Blades

Changing wiper blades, has been best described as something to do often.  Once a year or so.  This cuts down on chatter and improves their efficacy.  Consumer Reports found changing your wiper blades more often is more important than buying the best wiper blades “once”. This soft rubber is often […]