What to do if you don’t like your tune and don’t have the original ECU file?

I was recently talking to Paqo who runs a tuned 550. He didn't have the stock tune to go back to and wasn't really liking the current tune.

I thought it was a good question so when I connected with Jake owner of Eurocharged; I  hit him with that question. What to do if you don't like your tune and don't have the OEM file?

Jake said no problem buy the handheld tuner and the stock tune would be included if you mentioned this blog. Be like you know that guy.

Ok so what to do if you don't like your tune and want a better tune.  Jake says he has run a few tunes of his back to back against others.


One thing to know is Eurocharged provides a warranty. Warrantees help me sleep better since my Range Rover 5.0SC had that timing issue I bitch about every chance I get on offroadrover.



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