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Meet Your Mercedes Tuner: Weistec Engineering

Weistec Engineering is a California based high-end automotive tuner.  I have heard they got their start from racing Mustangs.  They are rooted in pragmatic performance, that is very high-end.  Their products are finished well, look great, and are expensive compared to VRP Speed, and in line with prices from GAD, AMR, RennTech.

Weistec focuses on engineering and computer aided design.  They also list several core competencies on their company page.

Self Described Core Competencies Listed by Weistec

Weistec Email Interview:

A special thank you to Weistec for providing this interview.

How did you get started tuning Mercedes?

We saw that there was a market for a supercharger system for the AMG 6.2 liter M156 engine.  It was claimed that "it can't be done" by other companies in the Mercedes aftermarket.  We obviously proved them wrong.  From there, we expanded our product line to support other AMG models as they were released then eventually to certain non AMG models

What is your favorite project you’ve worked on?

There have been too many to choose from.  Designing and manufacturing the best quality parts and modifying vehicles has been nearly a life long passion for the Weistec team so nearly every project we've done is a point of pride for us making it hard to pick any one over the others

What do you think the future of tuning looks like (i.e. trends consumers may want to consider)?

For some time now we have been moving into other brands such as Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Lamborghini, McLaren, Pagani, and the Powersports market.  We continue to work towards more and more 50 state legal parts and tunes, our most recent being the tune for the second generation Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracan, which has been issued an EO by CARB.

Web Reviews:

Weistec features unique and interesting products.  However, there are certain threads regarding customer service that was not meeting customer expectation, which a buyer may want to consider before purchase. Weistec does respond to them with their sides of the story in each thread below.

  • https://mbworld.org/forums/w211-amg/694503-weistec-engineering-beware-2.html
  • https://mbworld.org/forums/c63-amg-w204/699371-another-weistec-engineering-nightmare.html

Overall, I am not sure I would let the negative reviews deter a purchase.  Many people I've talked with really enjoy their Weistec gear.  Personally, I have not met anyone with negative experiences.

There are many good reviews for Weistec as well:

  • https://mbworld.org/forums/c63-amg-w204/753419-weistec-reliability.html

There are some arguments that the Weistec equipment may be over priced which is countered by their reliability:

  • https://mbworld.org/forums/w213-amg/740191-weistec-w213-e63-w-3-turbo-upgrade-2.html

Final Thoughts

The process of ordering, cost, delivery have been reported as issues above, but they are countered with reasonable replies by Weistec.  Many of the delays seem reasonable and the complaints perhaps unreasonable.

Very notably, Weistec has been noted by their customers on MBworld as being very reliable solutions which is very important as some of their products are not your average tuner parts.


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