Meet Your Mercedes Tuner: Victory Road Performance VRP Speed

Victory Road Performance, or VRP Speed, is a different entity than VRPtuning.com.  VRP Speed is an American Mercedes Tuner based in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO.  Colorado Springs is steeped in automotive history:  Close to Pikes Peak, home of one of the most dangerous (and fun) hill climbs.  Colorado Springs is just a few hours from the infamous Stanley Hotel where the Stanley Steamer was built.

Philip L the owner of VRP has a beautiful TRD Pro 4runner rig and enjoys hitting the CO Trails.

The long open roads, and twisty turns provide excellent opportunities for real world performance, and reliability feedback.  While I was living in Colorado, and penning OffRoadRover.com and my L322 book, I saw many camouflaged cars high-altitude testing.  I would often think there are not many places in the world where you can drive between 75mph-90mph legally for hours at a time.

VRP Speed offers well supported products, at great prices.  As GAD, RennTech, Weistec and others aim squarely at the high-end of the market, VRP finds "blue ocean" in competitively priced products which are well supported.

This is almost perfect competition price theory underlined economics, as VRP is taking products that once had large "AMG Tax", and offers them at more competitive prices.  Of course theory and practice always differ.

A screen shot of VRPspeed.com showing some of their products.

A screen shot of VRPspeed.com showing some of their products.

In examining pages of comments about VRP on MBworld. Only one failure I saw, was a pump, and Phil at VRP replaced it.  Most negative comments about VRP are from other tuners who regard their pricing as undercutting and perhaps commoditizing their products.

What this means for consumers is huge.  For people who are buying CPO, perhaps, non-AMG cars, using VRP parts allows builds which are economical and supported by a USA company.   This simply would be possible with just the selections of high-end tuners.

This extends the Mercedes enthusiasts community and allows purchasers to go farther and do more.  It also offers other tuners an expanding field of potential clients in the future.

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