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Force Intercooler Pump to Always Run

While there are conflicting reports about the logic of the intercooler pump.  With mine it didn’t run all the time (you can hear it before she comes up to speed), and with this mod it did.  With this mod you get lower IATs.  Check out here: https://mbworld.org/forums/w212-amg/785054-reduced-iat-s-pump-rewiring.html I’ve heard a […]

Mercedes Coolant Overflow from Overflow Tank Cap

Cooling Upgrades

As Mercedes shifted into forced aspiration engines cooling became an issue intake air temperature (IAT), heat soak, and more were only exacerbated by tuning. Tuning Superchargers or Turbocharged engines often looks at increasing the amount of compressed air into an engine.  Compressing air, as we know physics today, will always […]