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Add or Upgrade Ambient Lighting to 205 C-Class

Whether your car has or does not have ambient lighting from the factory you can add it or upgrade it to 64 Colors.  The processes are slightly different.


Be warned though this is not a quick job.  This YouTuber, Life of Emi, says it takes 2 days.  If your car has 3 colors and you would like it to be 64 colors follow the instructions on changing out the harnesses here:


If your car does not have ambient lighting from the factory but you would like to install it follow these instructions here:

Check out DMP Car Design for the Lighting Kit that works for you.

Giveaways News

FCP Euro Giveaway

FCP Euro and Tuned Mercedes are teaming up to give you a free chance to win a FCP Euro Promo Code worth $150, $75, or $50 to is a best in class parts supplier for European Automobiles.  They have a fantastic DIY Blog and a Mercedes GT4 Racing Team.

FCP Euro offers free fast shipping over $49, "hassle free returns" (which I have never used before), and a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Enter here:

TunedMercedes FCP Euro Giveaway


Tuned Mercedes m113k Build and Giveaway

Check out our upcoming raffle and m113k build more in the video.

Lifestyle Mercedes Models News

CLS & AMG GT AXED! No AMG V8’s in 2022? 1000hp AMG V8 Hybrid Debuts in Aston Martin.

Check out the latest Mercedes News concerning what models are not coming back, why there will be no AMG V8s in 2022. And finally the debut of the "1000hp" AMG V8 TT Hybrid in the Aston Martin Valhalla.

ECU Tuning Lifestyle Performance Tuners

Morendi ECU Tune Giveaway

Morendi ECU Tune Giveaway

Handling Performance

Is a strut tower bar worth it? Check out install and reflections on installing a strut tower brace on C218 CLS 550 AWD

Is a strut tower bar worth it? Check out install and reflections on installing a strut tower brace on C218 CLS 550 AWD

ECU Tuning

Copying MBT to Base Timing and Wastegate Control Using HP tuners

Two powerful heuristics to increase drivability and improve performance are copying the MBT tables over to the similar base tables and changing the manual wastegate duty cycle table.

Some things to note

  • The MBT or optimum spark tables and base tables have slightly different axis
    • Ensure that you copy the tables to the similar table and use to the appropriate axis
  • Manual Wastegate Duty Cycle
    • Using AMG style is a good starting point but note differences in axis
    • I would reduce the low RPM cycle slightly and increase some of the higher RPM cycles slightly
    • Please note the differences in AMG and non base MB
      • Base MB wastegate is basically just a linear boost
      • AMG tries to increase response and takes note of the decel and shift patterns
      • There is some room to improve the AMG tables but if you push too hard you may throw a "ESP not available" induced limp mode
ECU Tuning

Mercedes Driver Demand, Torque Tables, AMG Adaptation

You can often adapt AMG tables to similar non-AMG engines.  Once I have dug into the tune file and compared against AMG, I began to realize Mercedes are somewhat meant to be tuned and out of the gate are a solid platform to start from.

There are a few things to note:

  • AMG and non-AMG engines often have slightly different axis values
    • These need to be adapted
  • There is quite a bit of gain to be had by loosening up the "torque limiting" functions of the ECU
    • These ECUs are sometimes defined as Torque Limiting ECUs
  • Items like driver demand tables adapted to AMG are often smoother than Mercedes
  • After loosening the Torque limits my 0-60 times dropped to 4.1 s from 4.17 s
    • They are also much more consistent
  • Some torque tables do serve somewhat as ESP aggressiveness
    • Stock Mercedes ESP is somewhat too aggressive to me
ECU Tuning

First Read and ECU Unlocking with HP Tuners

In this video I discuss the process of unlocking a Mercedes ECU with HP Tuners.


A few important things to note:

  1. An internet connection is needed when flashing
  2. Not necessary to remove ECU
  3. First read and write is very long
    1. Subsequent changes are quick
  4. No credits are needed for VCM Scanner only writing
  5. Once you use HP Tuners you cannot go back to My Genius files without modifying/resetting the ECU
Mercedes Models Performance

AMG E Performance Platform Analysis

Mercedes just announced their new C63 will be a 4 cylinder hybrid platform, and they have released information about their electrified "73" platform.  These utilize a rear limited slip differential with a integral motor with 2 speed transmission.

This is quite a departure from the 53 platform M256 E30 . Which utilized an integral starter generator behind the engine between the engine and transmission.  These hybrids are more of an addition to traditional ICE engines such as the M177 platform.


Performance Tuners

How to choose a tuner

Choosing a tuner and performance parts suppliers are important decisions, unless the car is a true project car.

There are a few questions you may want to consider before choosing.

Who are you dealing with?

What is their post/social history?

What is their bad reputation?

Can you deal with their bad reputation?

How much do they give back to the community?

Check out the video above for more -- will continue the writeup later.



Performance TCU Tuning

TCU Tune Experience

I've been running a TCU tune for more than a month and several thousand miles.  In this video I discuss some of the reflections and drivability of running a Morendi TCU tune.


March 2021 Tuned Mercedes News & Updates

In this first episode of Tuned Mercedes News we discuss DTKM vs VRP, Tyler's CAI, Custom Tuning, Nota_AMG Times, GME Moonr landr, EPA, and Taxes.

Please consider signing this Petition to fight for your right to modify your car:

DIY Maintenance

How to Change Mercedes Key Battery

This is a really quick video on replacing your Mercedes-Benz Key Fob battery.

These tend to go in pairs, so if you are prompted to change one, it is a good time to change both.

These take CR 2032 Batteries and can be found on Amazon here: (affiliate link).

Air Intake Performance

Cold Air Intakes — In Progress

Still in progress check back later!

One of the increasingly popular discussions on FB CLS and, of course, tunedmercedes group is building custom air intakes.

Apparently the black box dynos have been confirmed as real by a few people but most of those gains are for "tuned cars" with waste gate cycles dropping by some numbers. Jake may have even thrown in a hieroglyph or two.  It is rumored their e30 flex tune may have had extra-worldy inspirations, and by rumored, I just started it here.  But how else would you describe monolithic like gains from nearly every mod on the m157 and m278 platform.

Blackboost dyno shows something like 50awhp improvement with their cold air intake system I have covered a bit in past posts.

This seems to be insane, but perhaps true.   The 10-20 awhp gained from air risers and filters were so little to Demetre he basically said that is wasn't worth anything and could be a difference in dyno pulls.

Demetre's 1k hp beast with CAI

<style="triple air horn">And then Demetre drops his new cold air intake kit!  Ok so it is $800 for the CAI, and $2500 for the top mount intercoolers, or they can be purchased together for a savings of  $300.</span>

This is insane.  And pushes the platform significantly.  On the one of favorite threads post, I mentioned "G", the Godfather of the M278 tuning, starter of build the fastest CLS550 thread said that the intercooler was a big bottleneck.

This addresses air intake and simplifies things greatly, the airflow isn't merely expanded it is optimized.

DTKM Images in this thread belong to IR Panzar who is one of the first guys in the USA running the system. I have reached out to IR and have am currently in progress asking for permission to share some results.