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Replace or Upgrade Ripped Factory Air Intake Tubes

There are some options shipped, and I'm sure can be fabricated, that either seek to upgrade the air intake tubes or replace the Mercedes units which can get ripped.

One option is using VRP or similar air intake tubes.   Take this a step further by using wrapping the aftermarket metal air intake and charge tubes in gold heat foil.  Brabus does this with their incredibly executed 850 Rocket.

The cheaper aftermarket intake tubes have somewhat mixed reviews.  The expensive ones range from anodized and better finished to custom carbon fiber and get expensive.

Intake Tubes Can Prevent "Cave In"

Some on MB world have reported that air intake tubes can actually cave in when running m278 or m157 with higher boost.  Even software tuned higher boost.

Additionally there is at least one report on the forums that a bmc aftermarket filters have been eaten as well when boost was provided beyond stock levels.   While this is not independently verified and BMC makes great filters it may be a data point to consider.  I am running K&N filters so far and there does actually seem to be extremely minor damage to some of the wire mesh. (2 or three breaks in the wire of .25 mm.   I inquired with K&N and they said it was normal.

Fix Mercedes Air Intake Tubes

If you'd like to continue using the stock style air intake tubes another option is aftermarket OEM style.

The main advantage to this system is that it is designed by mercedes of course, and it does tunnel air in without raising the temperature significantly.

I really respect Mercedes engineering and if they execute something there is usually a reason.  In this case I would take that reason to be they are interested in lower air intake temperature (and perhaps manufacturing costs).

I believe this is why you want to wrap untreated aftermarket intake tubes with heat wrap.  This will help match Mercedes engineers concerns about intake temperature while also providing increased volume and resistance to suction.

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