BlackBoost Ball Bearing Turbo Charger Upgrades



State of the Art, top quality, ball bearing turbochargers from BlackBoost.  No Cores Required.

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The factory Mercedes turbochargers use a journal with oil.  While this method works it can slow the transitory response rate of the a turbine.  In an automotive application where different power outputs are required quick spool up is desirable.  Traditionally quick spooling meant using sequential turbo chargers or smaller turbochargers.

A ball bearing turbocharger replaces the journal with ball bearings.  This enables the turbine to rapidly accelerate producing more boost and thus excellent throttle response.  The quick ability to spool ball bearing turbochargers enables the use of a larger turbocharger.

These BlackBoost turbochargers are ball bearing turbos.

Larger turbochargers do not stop boosting at higher rpms.  In engines like the M157 and M278 larger ball bearing turbochargers allow the engine to keep pulling hard after 4000 RPM where the factory turbos quit.  This completely changes the characteristic of the car.

In the M177 and M178 these next generation ball bearing turbos unlock even better response and even more power creating a true super car experience.

These BlackBoost Mercedes turbochargers are not hybrid turbo chargers.  They are bigger, but they still are perfectly made for your Mercedes Benz with input and inspiration by the excellent YouTube Mercedes Mechanic Tasos.


BlackBoost suggests all of these turbo chargers make 950+hp.  We rate them to 900HP in the M278, 1200HP in the M157, and 1000hp in the M177 and M178 with supporting mods.

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M177/M178 Single Scroll Turbos C63/GLC63/GT/GTS/GTC/GTR, M177 Twin Scroll Turbos E63/S63/G63, M157/M278 All Applications


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