ModalWorks High Flow Air Intake C63



New 3D printed patent-pending air intakes for C63.  ModalWorks claims over 75 whp on stage 2 with a tune that takes advantage of additional air.

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ModalWorks moved their air intake away from the hot vee of the engine and towards the front of the car with these innovative and cost effective high flow intake.  This kit is printed so it is easy to add methanol ports or change the inlet size of the turbo to match bigger aftermarket turbos.

"This patent-pending product achieves has exhibited 75+whp gain above the stock intake with stage 2 (stock turbo, stock fuel system) calibrations, and with upgraded turbos and fueling has set the fastest 60-130mph record at 5.1s for a W205 C63. (These results will vary based on tuner and supporting mods)"


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