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IWC Upgrade Mercedes Clock
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Upgrade Mercedes Clock: Get a fine timepiece for your Mercedes.

Many AMG's come standard with IWC clocks.  IWC is a fine German manufacture of clocks and watches.  IWC is perhaps best known for their ingenieur line which this particular IWC MB clock is related.

Background on IWC

IWC ingenieurs are individually tested like Rolexes.  These tests cost money and check every watch before their release.  Some IWC are positioned against tudor, omega, and breitling, and some are positioned against rolex, a few extend to perhaps slightly higher haute horology but perhaps less robust than the finest Rolex which are all in nature tough and wearable watches.

The Install

It isn't a bad install at all.  remove the dash piece where the clock is attached and on the mid 2010's you remove the wiring from around the vent, then the vent itself with pop tabs on top and bottom and you can then remove the clock itself with tabs.

Parts Sourcing

The clocks are suprisingly reasonable.  Making this mod a serious one to consider because of the bang per buck.  A new IWC clock on many models starts at $200, some models replacing the clocks have become quite popular and the clocks cost more.  Such as the case with my CLS.

Many parts pullers actually remove the dash as one because the disassembly to remove the clock is real.  So when the individual clocks are costly you can find the entire dash assembly often pulled for $200-300.

The Result

It is subtle but the black clock with more detailed numbering is more sporting, luxurious, and overally just an enjoyable upgrade when looking at it or when not.  At night driving with the IWC clock is much nicer as the light emits from the arabic numerals instead of a bright white from the entire clock.    Overall, if you like watches/clocks, and you have a MB which can be upgraded to a higher end clock, I would put it on your list of considerations for mods.

Ease of DIY: 2

Take your time unclip everything slowly, make sure there are no scratches. If there is resistance stop figure out why. 4 screws 1 catch, 4 wires to unclip.


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