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Are you looking for a little more from your car?  We can help your car give that to you by reprogramming your ECU.   Setting torque limiters higher with precise torque calculation.  Increasing boost, changing fan tables, lpfp tables and more.

This is a limited time offer inspired by a competitor who pissed me off.


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This is a tune for a stage 1 Mercedes-Benz without burbles.  Custom Tuning, TunedMercedes signature exhaust or extra burbles, E50 flex tuning, Stage 3 tuning please add $100 surcharge.

TunedMercedes has developed tunes for the M278 and M177 by actually owning the cars and putting tens of thousands of miles into the development of the tunes. In-house tunes for M157, M139, M156 sc, and M178 have been crafted with hptuners and datalogging client cars.

Fine print this is a Tuned x Morendi or TunedMercedes in-house tune supported by Cliff Mark.

By continuing you agree to terms of the site for purchase.  Including notes that tuning may violate warranties, and in general require more maintenance and focused driving.

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Stock, TunedMercedes Signature Sound, Extra Burbles


Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3


91, 93, E50


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