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Keep your Ignition Coils and Boots Safe while Working on them
DIY Maintenance

Change Mercedes Ignition Coil

Changing a coil is a DIY job.  You will need a 17mm open ended wrench or EWK boot removal tool.  Take the 17mm tool and unplug the coil to be replaced.

Remove the airboxes and tubes. Remove the plastic things by pulling up.

Undo the torx (1 is often female torx/ etorx) attaching the specific ignition coil.  Using the same tool apply pressure on the boot downward to index, then outward to remove the boot and coil. Smooth steady pressure outward.  The coil/boot will then pop-off.

Take the new coil and boot assembly and apply the dielectric grease on the boot.  There does seem to be a bit on there anyway, but it is never a bad idea and STAR says to do it to avoid damage to the boot upon removal.

Place the ignition coil back the same way.  Ensure the boot is fully on.  Tighten the star bolt to 6.67 #.  Put the electrical connector back on.  Here is a longer write up on how to change spark plugs which may be helpful as well.



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