Android Screen Upgrade



These are upgragde for the stock MB Command NTG system. These screens interact deeply with the car to automatically switch to reverse or 3d camera, switch to phone, and more. These extended the functionality of the stock system by enabling a full android environment along with provisions for CarPlay and Android Auto.

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Latest Version:

  • Octo-core Snapdragon 665 8GB Ram
  • 128GB SSD
  • 4G LTE
  • 1920x720
  • Screen is coated
  • Supported by TunedMercedes
  • Please indicate year and model of car e.g. 2014 CLS.
  • We will be in touch after purchase to confirm any available options such as screen size upgrade, DAC upgrade, CarLinkit Wireless Android Auto/CarPlay upgrade, and/or flash storage upgrades.  These are optional.

These are in general specified to be the top of the line, latest model with the most RAM.  Memory storage is not maxed out due to the ability to utilize removable MicroSD cards.

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CLS 218, E 212, E213, C 205, C 204, CLS 219


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