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Change M177 Engine Oil in C63


How to change Mercedes AMG M177 oil. In this job 9L or 9.5qt of 5w-40 or 0w-40 (Mobil 1 or MB is "approved") are utilized. Deep socket or extension socket 8mm 13mm sockets will be needed. I used a 24mm ratcheting spanner but a socket would work here too. I used a "Mann 6008 Z" filter as it was recommended to me from a young age, Hengst I believe is OEM, https://amzn.to/3NIDDNA (affiliate link).

Step By Step

  • Remove skid plate 13mm
  • Remove rear engine guard 8mm
  • Remove oil drain (coin/flat head)
  • Oil filter housing 24mm
  • Remove and replace filter cartridge then replace housing with 22 pound feet of torque
  • Screw drain plug in until it clicks (visual)
  • Add 9 Liters of Oil 5w-40 or 0-40.
  • Reset Service Indicator Light by holding ok and telephone button then going to assyst plus then, service, the confirm service.

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