ECU Tuning

Copying MBT to Base Timing and Wastegate Control Using HP tuners

Two powerful heuristics to increase drivability and improve performance are copying the MBT tables over to the similar base tables and changing the manual wastegate duty cycle table.

Some things to note

  • The MBT or optimum spark tables and base tables have slightly different axis
    • Ensure that you copy the tables to the similar table and use to the appropriate axis
  • Manual Wastegate Duty Cycle
    • Using AMG style is a good starting point but note differences in axis
    • I would reduce the low RPM cycle slightly and increase some of the higher RPM cycles slightly
    • Please note the differences in AMG and non base MB
      • Base MB wastegate is basically just a linear boost
      • AMG tries to increase response and takes note of the decel and shift patterns
      • There is some room to improve the AMG tables but if you push too hard you may throw a "ESP not available" induced limp mode

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