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Mercedes Driver Demand, Torque Tables, AMG Adaptation

You can often adapt AMG tables to similar non-AMG engines.  Once I have dug into the tune file and compared against AMG, I began to realize Mercedes are somewhat meant to be tuned and out of the gate are a solid platform to start from.

There are a few things to note:

  • AMG and non-AMG engines often have slightly different axis values
    • These need to be adapted
  • There is quite a bit of gain to be had by loosening up the "torque limiting" functions of the ECU
    • These ECUs are sometimes defined as Torque Limiting ECUs
  • Items like driver demand tables adapted to AMG are often smoother than Mercedes
  • After loosening the Torque limits my 0-60 times dropped to 4.1 s from 4.17 s
    • They are also much more consistent
  • Some torque tables do serve somewhat as ESP aggressiveness
    • Stock Mercedes ESP is somewhat too aggressive to me

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