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Removing stock M278 Air Dams

For some models like the C218 there are air dams in between the grill and the air intake tubes.  In the past I haven't messed with these too much as I have had some weird noise issues from modifying these in the past.

Well. No worries here with noise.  It is all good.  Removing these air dams requires no cutting or even tools.  These air dams are held on by push pin clips that seem designed to remove by hand.

Removing these air dams makes the car feel responsive.  It also helps the car hold on to more torque longer.  You feel the HP but also torque.  Running the same roads at the same sort of driving, the car was clearly faster and felt lighter over some of the same areas.

This a fantastic mod and one that I am sure was designed to reduce power, intake noise, and promote linear power output but removing it makes the car feel much better.



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