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Air Intake Performance

BMS – Burger Motorsports C63 Intake Review

After keeping my C63 stock for as long as I could.  Perhaps falsely believing stock may be better, I decided that she needed some upgrades in the sound deadening, which then led to upgrading the center speaker and subwoofer, and then to performance upgrades.

I have spent a lot of time and money on the car in the past few weeks most of it was just routine maintenance.  I did get to check out the Dynamic Friction Company front and rear pads, and the advan sport a/s+ tires.

That list, although some of those options are budget, added up...

So I didn't go about trying to spend money on race car parts, but I saw a fb post advertising this used set of burger motorsport intakes for the 205 c63 I thought the price was right to test out if getting rid of air boxes really does help the m177 platform.  This of course after reading hours of internet debate on the subject across MBworld.org and on fb.  MBworld was interesting because several manufactures posited on the thread and offered some useful advice.  For example removing a section of the grommeting around the hood lowered IAT's about ~7 degrees, perhaps as someone else argued at slightly less negative down draft pulling air through the entire engine compartment and down the transmission tunnel.  To me I think I'll take the IAT's but I will test that and see if there are any ill effects before recommending it as I did the removal of the air dams on the m278 engines.

The intake feels very smooth at lower RPMs which I was not expecting.  There is more intake noise and you can hear as the waste gate sheds boost through the mid-range.

As I am hearing the blow off I can't help but think I am thinking to myself I can't wait to tune this.  (By the way I am now leaning into professional tuning and am available to help you or an enthusiast you love with a custom tune.)



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