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Upgrade Mid-Woofers in a Mercedes CLS 2011-2018 (likely others too)

After I upgraded the front woofers, added dynamat, upgraded the tweeters, it was time to tackle the mid-woofers.  I wanted something that would fit, match the sensitivity, and that was well controlled.

I choose the Memphis audio 2.75" mid-woofer which left a small gap (that should be remedied with some mounting options), but more importantly the depth fit.  The original have a depth of just less than 2" so the upgraded option must also have a depth of no more than 2" because of how it mounts against the 6.5" inner door card.

To control the frequency I used a capacitor of 68 microfarad (mF) paired wit an inductor of .1 mH.  The capacitor blocks bass frequencies that would overwhelm the small driver.  The inductor blocks the hi-frequencies which are handled by the tweeter.  The mid-woofer and tweeter share a common take off.  Whereas in the rear it seems the audio is routed to the mid-woofer then then to the tweeter.  I think that is for a different post though.

I bought more of the 68 mF capacitors to block bass or hi-pass frequencies the small factory center and rear surrounds cannot play.  While I am not going to upgrade these speakers I am going to add capacitors to them.

Later I am going to add .85 mH inductors on the front and rear woofers which will block high-frequencies from being played by the woofers.  This should help clean up the sound when the volume is turned up.  After all this next are the subwoofers!

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