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Update Navigation and Entertainment Electronics with an Android Screen

On Alibaba there are quite a few direct sellers of Android Screens.  These android screens take the place of your existing Merceredes screen and integrate with the existing system keeping all original functions accessible.

Beyond the original functions it is also possible to run android 10 apps including some which allow the usage CarPlay and Android Auto.  If you do want to use carplay.  I would get a usb dongle to run it: https://amzn.to/3m4L6XJ (affiliate link).

It will run faster and better than the inbuilt unit.  Additionally I would also run a seperate usb sound card and mic.

There are several things to know about and drawbacks before jumping on this purchase, which is a great way to update late 2000s through mid-2010s Mercedes to feel like a much newer car.

The first thing to be aware of is that android 10 systems are snapdragon 625 with at least 4GB of RAM for official support although it is possible to run android 10 with 2GB with a performance penalty.

The systems are not exactly perfect, and out of the gate I would buy an external usb sound card which is very easy to run and a dedicated microphone.  I would also pick up a dedicated carplay usb if you like to use carplay as the included Zlink apps are finicky.

There is a growing community with a discord server, forum presence, and facebook group. Several of the top resellers are DMPCardesigns.com and CMKCarDesigns.  

For some models there are multiple sizes available including 12.3" and 10.25".  I have heard the 12" screens are nice.  I went with a 10.25" in my car.

Look out for a few videos, install tricks, and setup as well as links in this new category.

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