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Eliminate Rattling from Aftermarket Android Screen

While the electronics in the aftermarket android setups are fairly good although I would use a usb dac or sound card and usb external dongle for wireless apple car play or android auto.  Both of those usb dongles are superior than the stock implementation.  Although, I feel that the internal sound could be good potentially, it just isn't out of the box.

There are some issues.  For me the biggest is the screen would rattle on rough roads or across bumps.  I took off the screen which is held into place above by two screws.  You may need to pry open the screw covers with a knife. The screen pulls upward after the screws are undone.

The screen has a few cables in it. 2 Coax type for the GPS and Wifi, a USB, 2 multi connectors.  I would remove them all but I guess it is possible to do it without it.  If you do please have blankets or towels protecting the dash, the radio, everything.  It is really easy to scratch stuff.

After the screen is off you often remove two more screws often holding the mount to another mount.  It is often this plastic outer mount that rattles. 

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The area between the plastic display mount bracket and the factory dash is prone to rattle

Apply black silicone to the outer edges of the plastic mount and let it dry

or Use small amounts of butyl rubber on the interior. If you use butyl rubber, a small amount to the inner most parts of contact is often sufficient. The silicone is a cleaner install, but the rubber butyl (like the backing of dynamat), does provide some adhesion and actually makes the whole install a bit tighter.

I also added some dynamat to the metal retaining bracket that the plastic mount attaches to.  The plan of attack being two fold, stop the plastic on wood or plastic plastic rattles with the silicone and actually use the dynamat to slightly provide more rigidity more resistance to harmonics.

The install is the reverse, mount the plastic into the metal.  Plug in the connectors to the screen.  Slot the screen in downward.  Ensure it is slotted then use screw the screws and replace covers.

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