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Subwoofer Cable Management in Trunk

Last time I took signals off the subwoofer amp and test fitted 2 10" JL W0v3 woofers, and mounted the amp.

Subwoofers in a Mercedes
I painted the board with black enamel

Running the wires thru MB cable management

From the top of the trunk to get the signals and remote on, or from the trunk to bring power up, no matter how where you mount your amp you'll want to take advantage of MB cable management.

From the spare tire area into the ceiling in the forward right there is space for either a 4 gauge wire.  There also seems to be some provisioning for running potentially other wires into the cabin and perhaps forward.  In this case we will just unhook all the black pusher pins on the starboard side.  We will also need to unhook the two black pusher pins for the carpet.

At this point there should be three luggage tie downs to take off.  They pop off from the front using a plastic trim tool on each side.  Then are undone with a pretty big torq.  Please note it is very easy to cross thread these if you take the bolts all the way out please ensure they thread straight ahead when returning them into place or they may not seat completely and provide resistance.  Please note the general direction of all the luggage tie down tabs, as they stay the same in case you forget.

In my case I ran my negative to a ground on the right side, but in retrospect may have done it to the trunk as there seems to be an extra ground there.  I however decide to run it down the front right area and then taped it down then grounded to the areas on the starboard abaft area.

I ran up through this making sure not to hit anything that moves or articulates, like the trunk arms.

Was going to hit the wood with some black but maybe the red and moving some of the tape would be better. I taped the signal wire and the remote on from the subwoofer amp to the aftermarket subwoofer amp. I left the stock amp unplugged and taped it to the top.  I later painted the board and am considering adding a fuse further by the battery as well.

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