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Why consider TunedMercedes?

Some people get upset when u say something has been done before. Because they don't want to hear it they result to ad hominem attacks. They don't use google or uspto.gov to see if it has before opening their mouth. And therefore illogical ppl follow them. 

Personally I want people who think working with my and on my stuff. People who think through things, communicate difficult issues with efficiency like an executive.  

When you're paying prices to tune your cars, you're also buying into the person that you deal with. He is the guy who you are going to get support from.  

Sometimes life throws us curves, but I'm going to work my best at whatever I do, because my name is on it and that's the same reason I got into this. I believe I could tune my car better than the box tune I received.  

4 Years later and I have proven I can do that. I'm not a master of winols and german, but I do understand how to calibrate these cars based on hours of trial and error.  

Despite claims I have put out dragys over 2 years ago on my cls550. And datalogs are quite accurate representation of power as observed by BLOODMOTORSPORTS and its whats the engine thinks its making.  

I make tunes I want to drive. Power doesn't always equal speed, but power that is untaxed smooth power that will take the limits off the AMG from stock, sound awesome, that's what we deliver.  

So you may want to look beyond the surface at who you're going with. I'm good at math. Overclocking was a hobby (you want a guy who understands that). I have a lot of physics background. I've been modifiying european cars with my Dad since I was about 10. I owned my first Range Rover 4.6hse at 17 and that taught me a lot about air suspension and traction as well as how to work on them.  

Our tunes our tested. If things aren't right I can look at a datalog and recalibrate it. If its something in winols, I work with Morendi. He guided me to hptuners and been talking with about tuning for 3 years.

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