Is a V8 w206 C-class possible?

With spy pictures of a “C63” that is wider than the normal w206 C63 questions have begun to emerge about what this could mean.  Is it just a reworked rear suspension setup for the upcoming “CLK/CLE” coupe platform?  Or is it possible with 670 hp the 4 cylinder C63 deserved […]

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FCP Euro Giveaway

FCP Euro and Tuned Mercedes are teaming up to give you a free chance to win a FCP Euro Promo Code worth $150, $75, or $50 to is a best in class parts supplier for European Automobiles.  They have a fantastic DIY Blog and a Mercedes GT4 Racing […]

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How to choose a tuner

Choosing a tuner and performance parts suppliers are important decisions, unless the car is a true project car. There are a few questions you may want to consider before choosing. Who are you dealing with? What is their post/social history? What is their bad reputation? Can you deal with their […]

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How to Change Mercedes Key Battery

This is a really quick video on replacing your Mercedes-Benz Key Fob battery. These tend to go in pairs, so if you are prompted to change one, it is a good time to change both. These take CR 2032 Batteries and can be found on Amazon here: (affiliate link).